About Us

Welcome to Beauty Spa for Your Beauty and Health.

We believe in Healthy Beauty. Beauty is a Health and Health is a Beauty. We help you to stay beautiful and healthy with our treatment. All our treatments are carefully selected and help to Bright You as your skin, your body, and your face. Try our treatment for rebalancing your body and health.


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Our Clients 

We have more then 



We have different time for our treatments. From 30 minutes till 120 minutes. 

Choose your best time!



You can choose from 2-3-5-8-10 treatments per months for your face and for your body.

Choose your best treatments!

Body Treatment 

We carefully selected the body treatment for our Beauty Spa. All body treatments are made for relax your body and improve your body health. 

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Skin care treatments for the face

Try our beauty treatments for your beauty and health

Special offer Day Spa: Relax, Anti-Age or Hydrate 60/90min from 69€